Everything You Always Wanted to Know Quickly About ... AdvSearch 1.0.1 pl

Find below the cheatsheet of the release AdvSearch 1.0.1 pl and a documentation about advSearch Hooks (QueryHook & PostHook)

AdvSearch 1.0.1 pl cheatsheet ed. 1.0
AdvSearch 1.0.1 pl cheatsheet ed. 1.0

AdvSearchHook 1.2 documentation
AdvSearchHooks 1.2.0 documentation ed. 1.0

SearchForm and queryHook examples
SearchForm examplesQueryHook examples ed. 1.2

Indexation script
Indexation script ed. 1.1

Indexation script is a manual script to index content of documents. You need to specify line 22, which container ids you would like index. You probably need to adapt it to your needs. A backend module will be provided later.